The two humped camel or Bactrian camel, which is rare in the world, is only found in the desert of Mongolia and surrounding areas. The freezing winters in Gobi desert led the Bactrian camels evolve those soft and warm wool to survive. The hair contains thermostatic properties which can protect and insulate the camel from the extreme cold conditions as well as keeping them cool in the flaming desert in the summer. The same properties and characteristics are transferred when making fabrics woven from camel wool.

The wool is highly valued for its heat insulating property and wearability compared to other fabrics used for knitted and woven materials used for clothing. The fine fur of the camel hair is often blended with fine wool to create fabrics for men's and women's coats, jackets, suits and blazers, skirts and robes etc. Although slightly thicker than cashmere fibres, camel wool is one of the warmest and most sturdy wool fibres in the world. Color of camel is primarily golden tan with a variance of red to light brown tones.

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