Cashmere, the nature fiber of the highest quality, is luxuriously soft and feather-light in weight. Cashmere is the fiber obtained from the Goat wool and characterize by its soft fibers. Cashmere fibers can be compactly arranged during the spinning process, resulting in excellent warmth retention (typically 8 times that of wool) without adding bulk. Therefore, cashmere garments are uniquely breathable and comfortable.

In addition, cashmere fibers are strong and elastic, meaning that they return to their original state when stretched, so cashmere garments retain their shape during wear and laundering. Another interesting fact is that as cashmere is worn over time, the fibers will become softer and softer.

Mongolia is one of the world's leading cashmere suppliers that produce around 40% of raw cashmere worldwide. We obtain our raw materials from regions that produce finest cashmere in Mongolia.

Due to the difficult geological conditions and harsh climate, the fiber of the Mongolian goat cashmere tends to be longer and thinner. These are the essential elements of the raw material in the production of the cashmere product.

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