Cashmere is one of the most luxurious natural fibers but when taken properly care of, it will continue to feel soft and last for years. 

We do not recommend dry-cleaning your cashmere garments unless you need specific stain removal treatments. When you clean your cashmere and wool garments at home, please hand-wash in accordance with the following instructions:


  • Gently wash at 20-30C lukewarm water with a specialized wool or cashmere detergent
  • Turn inside out. Don't rub, wring or twist the garments while washing, instead just gently squeeze the water through
  • Do not leave in water for too long, it may contract
  • Rinse the cashmere product in lukewarm water thoroughly and gently press excess water from garment
  • Dry on the flat surface without stretching until thoroughly air dried
  • Do not hang your cashmere clothing as it may lose its original shape
  • Always wash each garment separately

Stain Removal

  • If you don't feel comfortable removing stains yourself, take your sweater to a dry cleaner.
  • Treat stains IMMEDIATELY with cold water and a stain remover.
  • After your stain remover has penetrated, wash your sweater as normal.
  • Do NOT rub or give much special attention to the stained areas.


Cashmere may pill over time, especially when the knit is new. After first few times of wearing cashmere products small pill may appear on the surface of the garments. Pilling is not a quality defect, but it is the natural characteristic of cashmere. You only need to clean the garment properly, and remove pilling once in a while for the first few wears, and you will soon find that the pilling becomes less frequent and will disappear totally.


  • Perfumes with rich color should not be used on the cashmere garments from close distance
  • Wait for your deodorant to dry before putting on your sweater
  • Do not wear the same sweater more than once in a four/five day period.
  • Try to keep your sweater away from rough items, purses, jewelry, etc. These items can cause pilling, a snag, or even a hole!
  • Use appropriate steamer to iron cashmere products. You may iron your sweaters on low, while inside out to remove wrinkles


if you do store your garment, make sure it is clean. Contrary to popular belief, moths are attracted to stained or soiled garments, not to the cashmere sweater itself. For your convenience, store your cashmere garment using a garment bag.

  • Clean your sweaters before you store them. Moths are attracted to natural fibers, especially when they are dirty or stained.
  • Do not store your sweaters in plastic. We suggest using sweater bags that are breathable, but keep critters out.
  • Never hang a cashmere sweater as it will stretch the garment out of shape. Lay flat in a drawer or on a closet shelf
  • Keep in a dry place 

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