The company has been carrying out flexible and rational Human resources policy and strategy in order to advance the employees’ capacity, to reward outstanding performance, to give an opportunity to stay with the company longer by ensuring well established health and social responsibility objectives in its Human Resources policy.


According to the “Company’s Recruitment procedure”, we advertises open job vacancies through internal and external media sources (its official webpage and daily newsletters) and conducts applications reviews submitted by candidates. Following this, the shortlisted candidates are invited to have an interview. Finally, we offer a job to a candidate who met the given criteria’s and showed successful result.

Employees’ training and development:

During the employment, our staff participates in a various professional and soft skills trainings. Besides, a number of systematic on the job trainings intended to develop and upgrade their professional skills and knowledge are arranged regularly.

Performance based bonus and compensation:

The company offers a competitive compensation package to its employees. In order to foster work productivity and creativity, the company is committed to evaluate employees’ contribution made to its profitability and to pay performance based bonus.


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