Social Responsibility

We are a socially and ethically responsible company, creating lasting relationships with suppliers, employees and customers. Our core principle is sustainability and we aim to keep our product quality at the highest standard level and provide better customer service to our customers. Hence the most of our customers are regular buyers who have been cooperating with us for long term.

We have had long term cooperation with local partnerships and support their activity. All our fibers are collected from herders in countryside and support the herder’s livelihood. We have been a member of “Green Gold” project which supports rural livelihood and cooperation between companies and herders.

The company implement gender equality and 60% of the company’s employees are women and half of the management team consists of women. The most of the factory workers are from suburb of the city and trained at the factory.


We adopt environmental friendly production concept and implement quality control from starting line to the end line of production. In each step and line of our production we commit to our concept. Our raw materials are produced with 100% natural process that is not harmful to the environment and all our production material, coloring substances are imported from internationally approved European provider.

In order to minimize the production defects and improve quality, we adopted Japanese management methods such as 5S, Kaizen.  This management practices allows us to have higher productivity, high quality products which gives us competitive advantage within the industry.

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